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With the generous matching gift provided by

Wayne '89 and Melissa '89 Judkins, Sea Gulls raised over

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APRIL 7, 2020


for SU’s 2020 Giving Day 

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Unrestricted gifts will be matched to the Wayne and Melissa Judkins Family Scholarship.

Salisbury University Giving Day 2019 Donation Totals
AllocationDonorsDonated MatchTotal
Salisbury University Giving Day 2019 Donation Totals
AllocationDonorsDonated MatchTotal
All Nations for Christ6$291.00$81.00$372.00
Alpha Kappa Alpha1$50.00$0.00$50.00
Alpha Phi Alpha7$345.00$195.00$540.00
Alpha Phi Omega17$595.00$498.04$1,093.04
Alpha Sigma Phi5$225.00$200.00$425.00
Alumni Association3$225.00$70.00$295.00
Alumni Scholarship Fund2$1,025.00$50.00$1,075.00
Applied Health Physiology2$35.00$35.00$70.00
Art Department5$300.00$150.00$450.00
Asian & Pacific Islander Club6$181.00$181.00$362.00
Athletic Training8$350.00$166.67$516.67
Baseball Club15$950.00$575.00$1,525.00
Best Buddies7$170.00$95.00$265.00
Black Student Union1$5.00$5.00$10.00
Bobbi Biron Theater Program3$550.00$26.24$576.24
Business & Economics16$1,200.00$525.00$1,725.00
Campaign 2012 - Greatest Needs1$50.00$50.00$100.00
Campus Recreation - Equestrian26$1,145.00$960.00$2,105.00
Campus Recreation - Field Hockey7$340.00$138.09$478.09
Campus Recreation - Golf1$10.00$10.00$20.00
Campus Recreation - Gymnastics9$330.00$221.67$551.67
Campus Recreation - Ice Hockey21$1,385.00$735.00$2,120.00
Campus Recreation - Men's Rugby85$6,100.95$3,619.76$9,720.71
Campus Recreation - Men's Volleyball8$400.00$350.00$750.00
Campus Recreation - Sailing14$580.00$580.00$1,160.00
Campus Recreation - Ultimate Frisbee3$125.00$125.00$250.00
Campus Recreation - Weightlifting8$235.00$235.00$470.00
Campus Recreation - Women's Lacrosse31$1,250.00$526.16$1,776.16
Campus Recreation - Women's Rugby86$4,640.00$3,240.45$7,880.45
Campus Recreation - Women's Soccer14$858.00$233.00$1,091.00
Campus Recreation - Women's Ultimate Frisbee6$145.00$132.50$277.50
Campus Recreation Fund2$100.00$100.00$200.00
Career Services Fund6$500.00$233.33$733.33
Caribbean Student Association5$85.00$85.00$170.00
Catholic Campus Ministry1$25.00$25.00$50.00
Center for Conflict Resolution2$100.00$50.00$150.00
Class of 1958 Scholarship Endowment Fund2$100.00$100.00$200.00
College Democrats5$185.00$185.00$370.00
College of Health and Human Services19$595.00$319.29$914.29
College Republicans9$415.00$361.90$776.90
Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization (CEO)1$25.00$11.90$36.90
Comedy Gulls1$70.00$50.00$120.00
Communication Arts6$145.00$78.33$223.33
Community Health2$35.00$25.00$60.00
Cultural Affairs9$330.00$105.00$435.00
Dance Program3$115.00$90.00$205.00
Delmarva Public Radio15$1,180.00$62.99$1,242.99
Department of Chemistry9$615.00$190.00$805.00
Department of Geography & Geosciences13$1,100.00$600.00$1,700.00
Dr. Charles K. Long Memorial Scholarship Endowment3$350.00$100.00$450.00
Economics and Finance Department Fund1$5.00$5.00$10.00
Environmental Student Association1$25.00$25.00$50.00
Environmental Studies3$85.00$75.00$160.00
Exercise Science3$110.00$60.00$170.00
Exercise Science Club1$50.00$25.00$75.00
Fellowship of Christian Athletes7$90.00$65.00$155.00
Financial Management Association2$100.00$50.00$150.00
Food for the Flock6$140.00$75.00$215.00
Friends of Mike McGlinchey Endowment2$35.00$7.14$42.14
Garden Club9$204.25$129.25$333.50
General Scholarship Fund2$210.00$60.00$270.00
General Unrestricted64$3,756.00$1,381.00$5,137.00
German Club4$120.00$120.00$240.00
Girls on Top of the World20$130.00$129.55$259.55
Glass Club1$50.00$50.00$100.00
Graduate Student Council1$25.00$25.00$50.00
Guerrieri Academic Commons Fund1$500.00$50.00$550.00
Her Campus- SU5$190.00$30.00$220.00
Hillel of Salisbury2$23.00$23.00$46.00
Honors Program2$150.00$50.00$200.00
Institute for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement3$175.00$110.00$285.00
James J. Berkman Endowment for Men’s Lacrosse2$50.00$41.67$91.67
Justin McJilton Memorial Scholarship1$50.00$25.00$75.00
Kinks and Curls for Boys and Girls9$123.00$98.00$221.00
Lawrence H. and Thelma H. Ey Memorial Scholarship2$143.34$50.00$193.34
LGBTQ Alliance3$113.55$63.55$177.10
Life Long Learning Fund2$125.00$55.00$180.00
Management and Marketing Department Fund1$50.00$50.00$100.00
Manhunt Club2$15.00$15.00$30.00
Marketing Excellence4$155.00$127.62$282.62
Maroon & Gold Club14$961.00$447.50$1,408.50
Maroon & Gold Club - Athletic Training1$25.00$25.00$50.00
Maroon & Gold Club - Baseball44$4,110.00$1,843.33$5,953.33
Maroon & Gold Club - Cross Country30$2,947.50$745.00$3,692.50
Maroon & Gold Club - Field Hockey72$3,644.00$1,958.33$5,602.33
Maroon & Gold Club - Football84$4,638.00$1,491.33$6,129.33
Maroon & Gold Club - Men's Basketball2$50.00$50.00$100.00
Maroon & Gold Club - Men's Lacrosse42$4,390.00$1,035.00$5,425.00
Maroon & Gold Club - Men's Soccer45$2,445.00$1,165.00$3,610.00
Maroon & Gold Club - Men's Tennis13$8,175.00$316.67$8,491.67
Maroon & Gold Club - Softball35$2,150.00$1,350.00$3,500.00
Maroon & Gold Club - Swimming10$800.00$350.00$1,150.00
Maroon & Gold Club - Track and Field52$3,592.50$1,345.00$4,937.50
Maroon & Gold Club - Volleyball39$1,850.00$1,010.45$2,860.45
Maroon & Gold Club - Women's Basketball19$535.00$451.67$986.67
Maroon & Gold Club - Women's Lacrosse25$1,020.00$546.13$1,566.13
Maroon & Gold Club - Women's Soccer16$900.00$508.33$1,408.33
Maroon & Gold Club - Women's Tennis6$900.00$112.50$1,012.50
Math and Computer Science Club1$50.00$0.00$50.00
Mathematics & Computer Science Fund10$545.00$275.00$820.00
Medical Laboratory Science33$1,635.00$1,040.00$2,675.00
Memorial Holding Account7$450.00$300.00$750.00
Men of Distinction4$80.00$80.00$160.00
Men's Club Soccer3$70.00$70.00$140.00
Men's Rugby Endowment32$2,171.00$1,235.00$3,406.00
Mid-Atlantic Sales & Marketing Institute1$50.00$50.00$100.00
Military Science4$125.00$106.25$231.25
Multicultural Student Services Fund11$475.00$281.67$756.67
Nabb Research Center for Delmarva History and Culture11$1,510.00$252.50$1,762.50
Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity1$50.00$0.00$50.00
Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society4$110.00$58.33$168.33
Partnership in Excellence in Accounting Program3$175.00$125.00$300.00
Patricia White Wroten Piano Concert Series Endowment1$250.00$13.74$263.74
Perdue School Entrepreneurship Competitions3$180.00$20.00$200.00
Perdue School of Business Professional Development Endowment2$200.00$100.00$300.00
Phi Beta Lambda1$25.00$8.33$33.33
Phi Mu6$215.00$85.00$300.00
Philosophical Society2$35.00$35.00$70.00
Photo Club1$5.00$5.00$10.00
Physical Education1$25.00$25.00$50.00
Pi Lambda Phi1$50.00$25.00$75.00
Pinky Promise SU6$62.00$62.00$124.00
Premier Genesis2$50.00$50.00$100.00
Provost's Discretionary Fund4$150.00$100.00$250.00
Quidditch Club8$225.00$165.00$390.00
Relay for Life1$5.00$5.00$10.00
Respiratory Therapy Club6$300.00$300.00$600.00
Respiratory Therapy Program19$845.00$835.00$1,680.00
Richard and Karin Hoffman Study Abroad Scholarship34$3,260.00$541.67$3,801.67
Salisbury Boxing and Kickboxing1$1.00$1.00$2.00
Salisbury Community Television2$150.00$25.00$175.00
Salisbury Symphony Orchestra5$435.00$137.50$572.50
Salisbury University Children's Choir18$1,615.00$275.00$1,890.00
Salisbury University Libraries Fund16$635.00$377.50$1,012.50
Salisbury University NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Team Endowment2$150.00$50.00$200.00
Salisbury University’s Non-Profit Leadership Alliance Association4$100.00$86.42$186.42
Scholarships - Fulton School of Liberal Arts7$370.00$195.00$565.00
Scholarships - Henson School of Science and Technology2$100.00$100.00$200.00
Scholarships - Perdue School of Business11$7,680.00$430.00$8,110.00
Scholarships - Seidel School of Education and Professional Studies8$685.00$193.33$878.33
School of Education and Professional Studies42$1,824.00$864.00$2,688.00
School of Health Sciences1$25.00$25.00$50.00
School of Liberal Arts11$455.00$272.75$727.75
School of Nursing21$960.00$438.33$1,398.33
School of Science15$975.00$610.71$1,585.71
School of Social Work13$540.00$145.00$685.00
Senior Class Gift 20191$20.00$0.00$20.00
Sigma Alpha Epsilon72$3,478.00$2,510.50$5,988.50
Sigma Pi3$100.00$25.00$125.00
Sigma Tau Gamma31$1,550.00$1,550.00$3,100.00
Sports Performance44$1,715.01$1,263.33$2,978.34
Stadium Fund3$125.00$75.00$200.00
Starnet Society1$50.00$25.00$75.00
Stephen Michael and Paul Porter Emery Memorial Scholarship1$50.00$0.00$50.00
Student Activities19$739.00$736.88$1,475.88
Student Affairs31$2,200.00$488.33$2,688.33
Student Government Association4$231.00$81.00$312.00
Student Housing44$3,241.00$1,292.67$4,533.67
Student United Way16$755.00$405.00$1,160.00
Students Helping Honduras23$719.00$135.00$854.00
SU eSports Association1$25.00$25.00$50.00
SU Gospel Choir3$35.00$35.00$70.00
SU Independent Game Development Club8$245.00$245.00$490.00
SU POMS Dance Team1$25.00$25.00$50.00
Substance Dance Team2$100.00$0.00$100.00
Temporary Holding for Future Funds6$325.00$100.00$425.00
The Business, Economic, and Community Outreach Network6$945.00$156.67$1,101.67
The George Summers Memorial Scholarship2$120.00$20.00$140.00
The Kendall-Ford Outstanding Scholar-Leader Award in Broadcasting3$210.00$10.00$220.00
The North Endowment for the Promotion of Civility in Civic Engagement1$25.00$0.00$25.00
The Richard A. Henson Medical Simulation Center5$250.00$75.00$325.00
The Robert Dombrowski Memorial Scholarship1$10.00$7.14$17.14
The Robert T. Schultheis Memorial Scholarship4$100.00$37.50$137.50
The Women's Circle of Salisbury University Educational Enhancement Award2$260.00$23.74$283.74
The Wrestling Club19$435.00$243.28$678.28
Thomas E. Bellavance Honors Program Endowment1$25.00$25.00$50.00
University Galleries1$50.00$2.50$52.50
University Writing Center8$4,285.00$110.00$4,395.00
Untouchables Dance Inc.2$50.00$40.00$90.00
Vanity Modeling8$369.00$355.00$724.00
Ward Museum10$535.00$119.72$654.72
Wayne & Melissa Judkins Family Scholarship Fund1$1,500.00$50.00$1,550.00
Women's Club Volleyball42$1,015.00$285.00$1,300.00
Young Life33$1,430.00$810.00$2,240.00
Zoey DiPasqua Endowment for the Betty Turner Honors Nursing Scholarship4$255.00$100.00$355.00

Salisbury University Giving Day 2019 Donation Totals

Last year’s Giving Day funds will support my attendance at the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology conference in Orlando, FL. I will present my research for the first time in a national setting, gain experience, and connect with leading researchers in the field. Donations also supported the Biology Seminar Series, which allows students an inside look at different realms of the scientific world. Thank you to all who gave to help support these valuable experiences.

Peter Kim

– Peter Kim 

Biology (Pre-Med) Major

How gifts from last year’s Giving Day changed lives of current students

Why we give


After receiving generous donations, the Kickboxing Club was able to purchase the safety equipment needed to grow and practice, fund travel to competitions, and support our efforts to help at-risk youth in a local boxing program. These gifts helped us bond and will help the club continue long after we graduate. We are unequivocally grateful!

- Dominic Giglio

Tos, Kickboxing Club


With the help of your donations, the Management & Marketing department had the ability to develop a website helping students with their first job search! Students also got the “real world” experience of managing this website.

- Jordan Levere

Spring 2018 MKTG 338 Class

Together we are making difference!

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